Wake-Up Vibe: The Alarm Clock Vibrator, Promises Morning Orgasms (VIDEO)

Forget  coffee — here’s a way for women to get a real wake-up jolt. It’s a vibrator/alarm clock hybrid called the Wake-Up Vibe. Set the timer, put it in your… Read more »

Tortured, branded, burned alive: Inside the land where lynch mobs still hunt witches and men guard graveyards to stop sorcerers feasting on the dead

It was a scene out of the 15th century.  A naked woman was tied to a tree amid a crowd chanting for the name of the ‘witch’ by a fire… Read more »

Women offered training course to become ‘better wives’ by ‘seeing the error of their ways’

A council’s decision to offer women a training course to ‘see the error of their ways’ and become better wives has infuriated feminists Feminists have slammed a council for organising… Read more »

Runaway bull is caught by German farmer after getting it to eat grain mixed with two bottles of Vodka

A cunning farmer managed to catch a runaway bull by getting it drunk on vodka mixed in with his feed.  The animal escaped from the farm in Kallmünz near Regensburg,… Read more »

Pastor Tries To Walk On Water Like Jesus And Drowns In Front Of Horrified Congregation

Walking on water is not easy.  Not too many people have the ability.  Let’s see, there’s Jesus, and well, that’s about it.  Unfortunately for one pastor on the West Coast… Read more »

Nyeri Woman attacks tout seducing her daughter in a matatu

Passengers aboard a matatu in Nyeri town, got a rare treat of entertainment when an elderly woman whacked a tout for attempting to seduce her daughter in her (the mother)… Read more »

Prophecy: Maasai presidency in 49 years

A famous Maasai seer Isaiah ole Ntokote has prophesied that a Maasai presidency will be realized in 49 years. The charming seer uttered the words to the shock of a… Read more »

Brazilian businessman buries his £310,000 Bentley so he has can use it in the afterlife

He has all the riches he could ever dream for in this life. But to avoid any risk of missing out in the afterlife, wealthy entrepreneur ‘Count Scarpa’ is burying… Read more »

[VIDEO] Police Break Up ‘Out Of Control Sex Party’ At Masonic Temple

The Masonic temple in Battle Creek, Mich., on E. Michigan Ave. was the scene of an alleged sex party. So that’s what goes on behind closed doors! Cops in Battle… Read more »

Switzerland builds £1.5m drive-thru ‘sex box’ brothels so prostitutes can service clients in privacy

Due to be opened officially in a ceremony on August 26th, the nine so-called “sex boxes” are located in a former industrial zone in the west of the metropolis, the… Read more »

[VIDEO] Prayers held at the donkey rape site in Murang’a

Prayers held at the donkey rape site in Murang’a Read:Four Men Defile Donkey To Death in Kamahuha, Maragua Constituency swahili

British Fire service warns frisky couples to use handcuffs wisely after rise in 999 calls

The London Fire Brigade has urged frisky couples to think carefully before engaging is risqué sexual play after the number of people getting trapped in objects such as handcuffs was… Read more »

[VIDEO] Oltepesi, Kenya :Where Donkeys go on vacation, trekking for over a 100 kilometers

The right to an occasional break from work is a time-honoured employment ritual that is guaranteed in labour laws. The logic in granting workers leave is simply that both the… Read more »

The 22-year-old man who gets turned on by the smell of women’s farts

The 22-year-old Illinois man may be the world’s first case of ‘eproctophilia,’ meaning he is addicted to hooking up with women who pass gas. THE smell of another person’s trump… Read more »

Brides Undergo Virginity Inspection Before Marriage In Georgia

Brides-to-be in Georgia are apparently undergoing “virginity inspections” before marriage It is very important for a girl to keep her virginity till marriage in Georgia. A large majority of Georgia’s… Read more »