Watch What Happens Kenyan YouTuber Finds Out Beyoncé Played Her Video On The Formation Tour [VIDEO]

Like many of us, YouTuber “Evelyn From the Internets” took to the web to sing Beyoncé’s praises after Lemonade dropped last month. Unlike the rest of us, though, Beyoncé included… Read more »

Eutikas Macharia Nyama Choma Business in the U.S. [VIDEO]

Whenever Kenyans relocate to foreign lands, white collar jobs are often thought to be the sure way to better earnings. But that wasn’t the case for Eutikas Macharia, a Kenyan… Read more »

Troubled Kenyan hustlers in America

Truth is always bitter and painful but it helps future generations from repeating the same mistakes. I feel sad. I cannot even eat my favourite wet-fry frog meat. Kenyans are… Read more »

Drama as police called in a Kenyan Church in Boston to quell worshippers fighting [PHOTOS]

Six Police Squad cars including a dog unit rushed to the troubled All Saints Quincy Kenyan community church Sunday when a worried Reverend Fredrick Thanji and close lieutenants called to… Read more »

Patrick Njirani Kenyan immigrant who strengtened North Carolina

If only we loved America the way this Carolinian Kenyan did A mighty tree has fallen in the City of Oaks. He was Patrick Njiraini, a Kenyan oak, an immigrant… Read more »

A rookie’s journey: From Kenya to Jets, with a wrong turn that turned out right [VIDEO]

Helva Matungulu took a wrong turn on campus one day as a freshman and walked into a new world. It was a life-altering case of lost-and-found. In 2011, he left… Read more »

Kenyans in Dallas organise Grand Finale for Jane Mwangi

The Kenya diaspora community in Dallas will for the second time hold a fundraising walk for Jane Mwangi. The event – Grand Finale for Jane Mwangi – will take place… Read more »

Kenyan-Born Aspiring Musician Mark Mbogo Named ‘Minnesotan to Meet’ [VIDEO]

Long before the aspiring musician signed his first record contract, Mark Mbogo moved with his family to U.S. when he was 9 years old. Born in Kenya, he was a big Michael… Read more »

Kenyan couple re-united after 16 years apart in Lawrence,Massachusetts

Tearful,Joyful moment at St Paul’s Community Church,Lawrence as Kenyan Diaspora couple re-unites after 16 years Excitement was in the air  at a Kenyan community church in Lawrence,Massachusetts as a young… Read more »

Kenyan woman found dead in her house after missing work for 4 days in Austell, Georgia

The decomposing body of a Kenyan woman was discovered in her house in Austell, Georgia The decomposing body of a Kenyan woman was discovered in her house in Austell, Georgia,… Read more »

Kenyan man passes away in Lowell MA, after 4 years battle with cancer

After bravely fighting throat cancer for four years, Charles Mbuguiro Ndungu of Lowell near Boston has passed away at 45 years. The late Ndung’u passed away on Tuesday evening at… Read more »

Two Kenyan men arrested after armed robbery and police pursuit in Portland, Oregon

Alleged robbers flee, stopped by spike strip Two people were arrested on Monday morning after an armed robbery and a police pursuit. Nash Muraya, 21, and Alex Ngatia, 20, are… Read more »

Kenyan Ph.D. Candidate Wins Award at Federation of Graduate Students Research Symposium

Elizabeth Wachira, a Ph.D. candidate in Health Studies, presented her research topic, “Health Disparities and Homelessness: Exploring Vulnerabilities as Determinants of Health” at the Federation Graduate Student Research Symposium held… Read more »

[VIDEO] Dallas City zones popular Kenyan mechanic shop out of business, petition launched

In 2005, the city of Dallas changed the zoning for Hinga Mbogo’s property to prohibit neighborhood mechanic shops. Using a procedure called “amortization,” they gave him a certain amount of… Read more »

Kenyan school administrator in Boston will speak about autism at UN

When he speaks about autism at the United Nations on Friday, John Irungu Maina will have a global audience for a condition often misunderstood around the world. It will be… Read more »