[VIDEO] Beautiful flower for the small farmer

From afar, one may mistake the umbrella-like flowers in the farm in Kikuyu, Kiambu, for a different variety of sunflower. But this is Ammi, a unique flower whose weak stem… Read more »

How I clinched and retained the EU fresh produce market

I always describe my 500-acre farm as an oasis, because it is located in Yatta plains, one of the driest regions in Ukambani. Sometime back, the place was dry, like… Read more »

I make one-year feeds for my cows

Save for the sound from the feed-making machines, the hum from the milking parlour and an occasional moo from the cows, the massive farm is generally quiet. Quite unusual for… Read more »

[VIDEO] Our charcoal cooler keeps produce fresh in the arid Kambi Sheikh Village in Isiolo County

Necessity is the mother of invention, so goes the saying. This proverb captures the experiences of Bidii Farmers Group in the arid Kambi Sheikh Village in Isiolo County. The women’s… Read more »

Priest fell in love with grapes, now he sells wine in Nyambene, Meru County

Hills, hills and hills everywhere you look. Some small, some big, and they all join to form a breathtaking landscape that is Nyambene in Meru County. When you visit the… Read more »

Pokot pastoralists earn millions from horticulture

Pastoralists in West Pokot are raking in millions of shillings after shifting to horticulture following decades of cattle raids and banditry. Farmers in Batei in Pokot Central sub-county earned Sh137.28… Read more »

Keep the food aid, we now grow our own semi-arid land in Balich village, Garissa County

At one time, the vast semi-arid land in Balich village, Garissa County was covered with acacia trees and thorny plants, which thrive in such environments. Some of the plants were… Read more »

What I give my cow to get 40 litres of milk a day in Mukurweini, Nyeri County

Clad in a green overcoat and carrying a milk bucket in his right hand, Charles Njoroge marches confidently to his cow pen. It’s about 4pm and the farmer just heard… Read more »

President Uhuru Kenyatta ‘misled’ to launch Galana-Kulalu irrigation scheme project

President Kenyatta might have been misled into commissioning the one million-acre Galana-Kulalu irrigation scheme before its viability could be established. National Irrigation Board boss Daniel Baraza told the Public Investments… Read more »

From Sh15,000 per month, to Sh10,000 every day

While travelling home from a holiday in Naivasha three years ago, Susan Chesyna made a brief stop to buy flowers at a farm near the town. A stroll between the well-tended… Read more »

Welcome to my Garden of Eden in Laikipia County

There is a lovely road that runs from the Kunste junction off the Nakuru-Nairobi highway up the hills overlooking the Subukia valley. The rolling hills carpeted by lush green crops,… Read more »

Two acres, seven farms, big harvest and earnings

Owning about three acres, Kenneth Kemei of Sonokwek village in Bomet County had an option of growing tea only, the main cash crop in the region. But Kemei knows the… Read more »

US inputs firm to scale up its work in Kenya

US based fertiliser firm plans to work with 100,000 farmers across the value chain when it scales up its operations in Kenya. International Fertiliser Development Centre (IFDC) said its operations… Read more »

Teacher rakes in Sh40,000 monthly from dairy farming in Muranga County

Within a decade, Simon Mukunu has bred and then reared a herd of seven Friesian cows.  They bring him an average of 100 litres of milk daily but his dreams… Read more »

Murang’a County sets aside Sh10m for fodder seeds to dairy farmers

Murang’a County will spend Sh10 million in distributing special fodder seeds to its dairy farmers. It is targeting 45,000 farmers in eight sub-counties in a partnership with the Kenya Agricultural… Read more »