Inside Kenya’s booming floral industry

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Farmer leads milk evolution in sleepy kiambu village making Sh1.2 million a month

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Kenya : Why you could soon leave your land for town estates

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Millionaire rises from Kirinyaga Mwea’s rice fields

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[VIDEO] How UK-trained doctor dumped his job abroad to follow his passion in dairy Farming in Kenya

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All about growing potatoes and curbing their diseases

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Forget quails, there’s a new bird in town, making Sh120,000 a month

Now she has 360 snow goose, which produce more than 3,000 eggs in a month. She sells one bird at Sh4,000. She sells one egg at Sh150 making an average… Read more »

A farmer in Igembe South, Meru County finds lucrative Purple tea market in the East

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Arid farm where animals, crops thrive

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One big happy family at home and on the farm in Thika

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[VIDEO] New technologoy of Artificial insemination of chicken in Uasin Gishu

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Rearing crocodiles in Kenya for their highly-valued skin and meat

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What farmers are doing to reap big rewards during Christmas

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Caroline Achieng makes Sh90,000 per month from selling sweet potato vines

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15 cows, 400 chickens on tiny plot in the city estate at Kahawa West-Kiambu Road

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