Kenyan stirring ‘banana revolution’ beyond the borders

The mouth-watering juice in clear one-litre bottles is tempting in the sweltering heat of the midday sun. Rows upon rows of them are lined on long tables. A jovial young… Read more »

What I do to ensure high quality strawberries for my customers

Touts call for passengers on top of their voices as vehicles hoot incessantly at the main bus terminus in Naivasha town. It is not hard for me to spot farmer… Read more »

Bamboo new ‘green gold’ for rural farmers in Kenya

You probably have heard people talk about bamboo farming; how it is transforming lives and how it has the potential to transform one from a middle-income earner into a millionaire… Read more »

Kenyan women who farm for a living

For Mixa Foods and Beverages to be the profitable business that it is now, Herrine Omenda had to nurture the crops on her farm as much as she did her… Read more »

Farming scheme has made me a millionaire

Wilson Oraam never dreamt of becoming rich, not until he joined a group of farmers pooling resources to benefit from a special credit facility. Today, he is one of the… Read more »

Driver mints millions from three-acre plot at Kamahuha village, Murang’a County

Fredrick Kinyanjui grows tissue culture bananas, grafted custard apple (matomoko), mangoes and Hass avocados. To maximise space, Kinyanjui intercrops trees with fruits What goes through your mind when you see… Read more »

Young man’s online forum makes buying cows simple

Victor Otieno was the first runner-up in the Israeli-Kenya agri-challenge last week for his revolutionary, an online shop for dairy farmers. BILLY MUIRURI tracked down the 27-year-old to unwrap… Read more »

I live abroad but my pigs take care of my family

A ride on the bumpy murram road from Kolenyo market to Akado village in Seme, Kisumu County, leads me to the home of Mr Ronald Omondi. Omondi is a security… Read more »

Cages: Ideal system for poultry farmer with small space

The rows upon rows of red-to-tan birds furiously peck their marsh dishes, creating a symphony which is only disrupted, now and again, by a cacophony of clucking. The birds occasionally… Read more »

I saw a gap in agritours; now I take farmers to top farms across the world

CAROLINE GICHUKI-MUGO  runs Techfarm (Kenya) Tours and Travel, an agri-tourism firm that recently organised a trip for over 40 farmers to Israel. She spoke to MICHAEL ORIEDO on why she… Read more »

Gated farms: Kenya New frontier in commercial farming

Along the NairobiMombasa  highway, near Emali Town, a curious sign post arrests the eye. It reads; “Esidai Farms, 4-acre gated serviced farms,” in bold green letters against a white board…. Read more »

Naivasha Farm where beef is made for KSh200,000 a steer

Some 200 metres from Naivasha town along the busy Nakuru-Naivasha highway, there is a farm where bulls are living like kings. The 3,000 animals kept under zero-grazing system feed on… Read more »

21-year-old USIU student tastes wealth in tomatoes

A cool breeze sweeps across Kombo village in Juja, bringing freshness to the otherwise dry and dusty agricultural hub of Kiambu County. The village is sparsely populated, enabling the growing… Read more »

Meet the jack of value addition

After a one-and-a-half hour drive on a bumpy murram road, we enter into William Simiyu’s home in Navakholo, Kakamega, where we find him packing sun dried mushrooms into a gunny… Read more »

Former teacher strikes gold in farming

From earning a measly Sh30,000 a month, Joshua Okundi now makes Sh300,000 each season. He says venturing into farming has changed his life For years, Joshua Okundi taught his pupils… Read more »