Shock and fury as road accidents kill 39 in 24 hours

The National Transport and Safety Authority was under fire Tuesday evening after more than 40 people were killed in road accidents within 24 hours, 16 of them at the Sachang’wan… Read more »

Bharti Airtel to cede at least 20 per cent of its stake in Airtel Kenya to local investors before planned full exit

Bharti Airtel will cede at least 20 per cent of its stake in Airtel Kenya to local investors before a planned full exit from the country as part of strict… Read more »

Ida, NASA chiefs made Raila retreat

Raila, the once future President, found himself alone. Three NASA principals did not support the much-hyped swearing-in of Raila Odinga as the People’s President, leading to collapse of the plan…. Read more »

‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ premiere: Lupita Nyong’o is a knockout in green; Daisy Ridley shows off starry look

Nyong’o managed to do it best at the Sunday premiere of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.”  Lupita’s emerald green jacquard dress was appropriately fun and modern for the big night, which… Read more »

Cytonn hands over Sh100m houses to Karen owners

Investment firm Cytonn has handed over Amara Ridge, a gated community in Karen, to its owners. The houses were sold for between Sh90 million and Sh112 million, depending on whether… Read more »

US praises Raila Odinga for calling off swearing-in

The United States has praised opposition leader Raila Odinga for shelving plans to swear him in as the ‘People’s President’, terming the move a positive step towards national dialogue. US… Read more »

Tactical blunder that denied Raila chance to be president [VIDEO]

The withdrawal of Raila Odinga from the repeat election of October 26 was a tactical blunder that cost him the chance to lead the country, the Supreme Court confirmed in… Read more »

Owners of idle land to lose titles in new leasing rules

Firms and individuals who own idle land risk losing the properties upon the expiry of their lease terms. This follows the publication of new regulations that seek to tighten the… Read more »

John Magufuli pardons father and son convicted for defiling 10 schoolgirls

President John Magufuli has signed documents to effectively approve his Saturday’s move to pardon famous musician Nguza Viking alias Babu Seya and his son Johnson Nguza aka Papii Kocha, along… Read more »

Derick Rono: From humble beginnings to owning a Sh100 million electronics shop in Nairobi

“The most important thing in business is not capital. It is the idea and the confidence that you have in yourself.” This is the primary message that Derick Rono, 28,… Read more »

How Kenyan politicians pay Sh50,000 for male hookers

Steve Kamangu was walking along Digo Road in Mombasa town around 11pm two weeks ago when he was stopped by a light-skinned woman across the road dressed in a buibui. Out… Read more »

We had a Plan B for swearing Uhuru- Chief Registrar of the Judiciary

  Yes. We rehearsed just the day before the inauguration. We started to plan the swearing in of the president immediately after the August 8 elections, but we stopped when… Read more »

A Kenyan’s encounter with a war criminal who shocked world with courtroom suicide

As a piece of courtroom theatre, the last act Bosnian-Croat war criminal Slobodan Praljak pulled off in The Hague was as shocking as it was dramatic. Standing erect, his bushy… Read more »

I was bullied for taking naive photo with Raila

A few weeks ago, a Kenyan woman in Zanzibar broke the Internet. All it took was for Seraphine Wambui Mbote, 37, to post a photo of her standing close to… Read more »

Brothers in court battles for over 30 years over home where Mzee Kenyatta slept

When founding President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta visited Western Kenya in the early 1970s, he was housed by tycoon Ligabo Inyama Lusala at his Khayega home because he was the only… Read more »