Only 1,000 landlords respond to Kenya Revenue Authority’s tax amnesty

The taxman will have to go back to the drawing board and find new ways of getting landlords into the tax net. This is after only 1,000 house owners took… Read more »

Rising satellite towns drive down land prices in Nairobi

Nairobi land prices dropped for the first time in the first three months of 2016 even as that for satellite towns rose, according to Hass Consult Property index. The land… Read more »

Hyper supply of houses in Nairobi may lead to glut: reports

Housing in Nairobi is nearing “hyper supply” in the real estate cycle. Housing in Nairobi is nearing “hyper supply” in the real estate cycle after more than a decade of… Read more »

Top Five Most Expensive Areas to Buy Land in Nairobi Revealed in Survey

Nairobi’s Upper Hill is still the most expensive area to buy land in the city, despite a marginal drop in landprices in most of the capital’s suburbs. Land in Upper Hill… Read more »

Kenya homeowners reap big as they turn homes into guest houses

Recently, Meru Governor Peter Munya was in the news asking people hailing from the county but live in Nairobi to convert their rural homes into paid-for accommodation facilities. This was… Read more »

Children’s needs ignored in Nairobi’s physical planning

Children are a kind of indicator species. If we can build a successful city for children, we will have a successful city for all people. – Enrique Penalosa Great cities… Read more »

President’s order on review of fees gives hope to developers.

Developers could get a major reprieve after President Uhuru Kenyatta ordered a review of the fees charged by two construction sector regulators. President Kenyatta called for an immediate review of… Read more »

Freehold and leasehold titles are valid documents issued by State

Early this year, the public was treated to hilarious moments when President Uhuru Kenyatta gave out leasehold titles to squatters on the now famous “Waitiki Land”. Many did not seem… Read more »

Knowing market trend key to making best investment

With little understanding  the dynamics of the property cycle, many investors tend to  become overconfident. Over the years, real estate has come to be been considered one of the safest… Read more »

Kenya :You can repossess your property if buyer defaults

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Meet woman who ventured into real estate with no capital

Monica Wanjohi’s first stab at real estate was selling land she didn’t own, but that gamble has set her off on a rewarding path Buying and selling property in Kenya,… Read more »

Banking on social capital to own homes

While many new real estate companies often receive funding from venture capital partnerships dating back to the 1970s and ‘80s, or simply mortgages which mean loan capital, Heri Homes, a… Read more »

Finding your niche in Kenyas real estate sector

Investing right in the property business is a skill that takes time to learn but  which, if mastered,  can guarantee you a comfortable life because you will be able to… Read more »

Migori, Homa Bay real estate sectors in massive growth after devolution

Property development in Migori and Homa Bay towns in western Kenya has been steadily on the rise. Consequently, the price of land in prime areas in Migori Town, where developers… Read more »

Centum planning to build exclusive city on 9,500 acres in Kilifi County

NSE-listed investment company Centum has started preparations for the construction of an exclusive 9,500-acre  city in Kilifi County, extending ing its entry into high-end real estate development. Centum, which is… Read more »