DR Congo players awarded luxury cars for winning 2016 CHAN

For the hard toiled feat of winning the African Nations Championship (CHAN), each member on the triumphant Democratic Republic of Congo side has been handsomely rewarded with a luxury car,… Read more »

This classroom in a suitcase puts 40 kids online via virtually unbreakable tablets [VIDEO]

A hard plastic suitcase is being marketed as the thing to transform education in Africa. The team behind BRCK, a rugged mobile modem and wi-fi router designed for Africa’s tough… Read more »

Inside the $100 Million Scheme to Send the Middle East’s Most Unwanted People to Africa

  Iyad el-Baghdadi doesn’t know why he was called into the immigration office. It was April of 2014, and the 36 year old was being told he had a choice:… Read more »

Burundian wife crashes her own funeral, horrifying her husband, who had paid to have her killed

‘Surprise! I’m still alive’: Wife of man who paid to have her killed overseas because he wrongly suspected she was unfaithful survives the plot and confronts him Noela Rukundo sat… Read more »

Uganda imports armoured police cars ahead of February 18 general election [PHOTOS]

Uganda has imported armoured police cars, similar to those Kenya acquired at the end of January, ahead of its general election set for February 18. The vehicles have features including… Read more »

African diplomats protest after Tanzanian woman beaten up, stripped and paraded naked in India [VIDEO]

African diplomats in New Delhi have issued a protest note following incidents in which African students in India were attacked by mobs. On Wednesday, the African diplomatic corps in India… Read more »

Pilot Recounts Blast on Jet, Emergency Return to Mogadishu airport [VIDEO]

The pilot of a jetliner damaged by a blast that blew a hole in the fuselage over Somalia described how the crew calmed passengers amid his emergency return to the… Read more »

Expats Become Repats: Nigerian Diaspora Returns To Africa [VIDEO]

In 2009, Achenyo Idachaba left her corporate job in the U.S. and moved to Nigeria, where she founded MitiMeth, a for-profit company that makes eco-friendly crafts from the water hyacinths… Read more »

7 African Scientists You Should Watch

The right medical device, computer imaging technology, or mathematical application can give a business a tremendous competitive edge over competitors. But we often forget that behind those money making devices are… Read more »

[VIDEO]Tanzania lady buried alive for 8-months by boyfriend for money ritual rescued

GRAPHIC VIDEO A lady who is said to be in her twenties was recently rescued by Tanzanian authorities after being buried for 8 months by her boyfriend who was in… Read more »

‘First ISIS Recruiter’ in Rwanda Shot Dead by Police

Rwandan police have shot dead a suspected recruiter for the Islamic State militant group (ISIS) in what a police spokesperson described as the first such case in the country. Muhammad… Read more »

Woman mayor awards scholarships to South African girls who can prove they’re virgins

A South African mayor has awarded college scholarships to 16 young women for remaining virgins to encourage others to be “pure and focus on school,” her spokesman said on Sunday…. Read more »

Uganda Pastor snatches married man

Self-proclaimed pastor and former Television star, Joy Kihuguru is on the spot for allegedly snatching a married man. The Soaring With Eagles ministry boss who also presents a show on… Read more »

Stunning Photos Of Teen Moms’ Struggles In Cameroon — And How We Can Help

One photographer has captured glimpses of the reality of life as a teenage mother in underserved regions of Cameroon. Artist Paolo Patruno visited the village of Bakumba last November to… Read more »

Elijah Oyefeso :Inside the lavish life of university drop-out who earns up to £80,000 a month as self-taught stockbroker

A 21-year-old university drop out now earns up to £80,000 a month. The self-taught stockbroker claimed that he rakes in £20,000 and £30,000 on a bad month. Londoner Elijah Oyefeso… Read more »