Rwanda’s leader Paul Kagame pictured driving Morocco’s King to airport

A picture of Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame driving Morocco’s King to the airport has gone viral. The picture was first posted on Kagame’s official Facebook page on 31 October. The… Read more »

South Africa says it will quit the International Criminal Court

South Africa announced Friday it plans to withdraw from the International Criminal Court, a major blow to an institution that has struggled to fulfill its role as an effective global… Read more »

Egypt is getting a new capital – courtesy of China

Egypt’s new capital city moved a step closer to reality with the announcement that Chinese developers will largely fund the megaproject. The China Fortune Land Development Company (CFLD) agreed to provide… Read more »

War-weary Libyans miss life under Moamer Kadhafi

Five years after an uprising killed Libya’s Moamer Kadhafi, residents in the chaos-wracked country’s capital joke they have grown to miss the longtime dictator as the frustrations of daily life… Read more »

#BringbackMutharika: Malawi President goes missing

Malawi President goes missing and worried Malawians take to social media to try find him Malawians have been asking, to anyone who cares to know, about the whereabouts of their… Read more »

Ethiopian Protesters Attack Factories in Africa’s Rising Economic Star

Protesters in Ethiopia damaged almost a dozen mostly foreign-owned factories and flower farms and destroyed scores of vehicles this week, adding economic casualties to a rising death toll in a… Read more »

Ethiopia Becomes China’s China in Search for Cheap Labor [VIDEO]

In 2012 Mr Zhang opened his first factory in Ethiopia. Four years later he is building a $1billion facility there and production lines are already humming. ‘My goal is to… Read more »

Tanzania outrage as teachers ‘filmed beating pupil’ [VIDEO]

Authorities in Tanzania have ordered an investigation into a video which appears to show a group of five teachers savagely beating a student. The headteacher of the school, in the… Read more »

Ethiopia launches Africa’s first electric railway line

Ethiopia-Djibouti electric railway line opens Ethiopia will on Wednesday launch Africa’s first modern electrified railway line. Built by China, the rail line links the Ethiopian capital , Addis Ababa with … Read more »

Ugandan native, Mentally Ill, Man Shot and Killed By Police in San Diego, California [VIDEO]

‘You killed my brother!’: Unarmed man killed by El Cajon police was ‘mentally sick,’ sister says A Facebook page for Alfred Olango identifies him as a head cook at a… Read more »

21 Nigerian working in the sex trade in Ibiza Spain rescued by police [VIDEO]

Ibiza  Prostitutes as young as 16 who were taken to Ibiza for the tourist sex trade then beaten with brooms and sticks if they didn’t bring in €1,000 a day… Read more »

Mortgage firm promises US$4750 worth of houses for Nigerians

The Nigerian Mortgage Refinancing Company recently announced that it was ready to fund a number of houses for Nigerians at a cost of US$4750 in any part of the country…. Read more »

Somali Cleric Put on US Terror List

A middle-aged Somali-born cleric with a bright orange beard was this week put on a US terror list, accused of heading the Islamic State group in East Africa. The US… Read more »

Kenya downplays Magufuli no-show at Nairobi Ticad summit

Tanzania’s Magufuli skips Nairobi Ticad summit;CS Mohamed says Tanzania leader was well represented at Ticad meeting. The Kenyan government has downplayed Tanzania President John Magufuli’s absence from the Tokyo International… Read more »

The Gay Marriage That Broke The Nigerian Internet

We tried very carefully to make sure this wouldn’t happen. Guests were instructed not to take photos during the ceremony. We were very particular about who was invited. It was… Read more »