California legislator calls for Melania Trump immigration records

A California state senator is calling on the White House to release documents related to Melania Trump’s immigration, as part of a broader objection to President Donald Trump’s immigration policies…. Read more »

Uganda seeks Sh237b loan from China to fund rail

Uganda is negotiating a $2.3 billion (KSh237 billion) loan with China’s Exim Bank to fund an initial 273 km stretch of rail line the east African country is planning to… Read more »

[VIDEO] Senegalese troops enter Gambia to force longtime leader to step down, reports say

Senegalese troops entered Gambia on Thursday in a bid to force the West African country’s longtime leader to step down after an election loss, news services reported, and the successor… Read more »

Why is China buying up the global supply of donkeys?

Gelatin produced from donkey hide is a key ingredient of one of China’s favorite traditional remedies, known as ejiao, which is used to treat a range of ailments from colds… Read more »

Outrage over 16yr old Somali girl gang-rape video

The gang rape of a 16-year-old girl has caused outrage in Somalia after pictures and a video of the incident began circulating on social media. Campaigners have set up a… Read more »

Ghana’s president plagiarized Clinton and George W. Bush word for word in his inauguration speech

Ghana has long been one of Africa’s bright spots, politically speaking. It is stable, if not prosperous, and has seen peaceful transitions of power since it became a democracy in… Read more »

Zimbabwean rapper’s wife outs him for alleged infidelity [VIDEO]

Olinda Chapel, the wife of top Zimbabwean rapper Stunner, has accused him of infidelity. According to a video Chapel posted on Facebook on Thursday – which has since gone viral… Read more »

South African women who wed each other in ceremony that sparked debate want to have children

South African couple Anele Mkuzo and Seipati Magape will be celebrating their first anniversary as husband and wife on May 8, 2017. Their wedding – which sections termed as gorgeous,… Read more »

Mali sends back migrants deported by France

Mali has sent back two people who were deported from France on the same planes they arrived on, questioning whether they were even Malian citizens. The pair were flown to… Read more »

A ‘quiet’ African American billionaire is offering Nigeria’s rescued Chibok girls a new lease of life

The most high profile moment of the seven-year insurgency led by Boko Haram terrorists in northeastern Nigeria was in April 2014, over 200 schoolgirls were abducted from Chibok, a town… Read more »

Toronto sisters arrested for ‘attempting to extort Nigerian billionaire and filming sexual encounters with men in order to blackmail them’

Two Kardashian-look-alike sisters from Toronto are being held in Nigeria after they allegedly tried to extort a billionaire in the African country. Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo are accused of threatening… Read more »

Hairdresser Rips Hair From Woman’s Head After Boyfriend Failed To Pay

Zimbabwean Hairdresser Rips Hair From Woman’s Head After Boyfriend Failed To Pay A heartless hairdresser cut a woman’s pleasingly stylish weave after her boyfriend who had accompanied her to the… Read more »

Gambia president-elect Adama Barrow demands Jammeh step down ‘now’

Gambian president-elect Adama Barrow said on Monday longtime leader Yahya Jammeh should leave power immediately after the incumbent president announced he would challenge the election result despite previously accepting defeat…. Read more »

Nigeria Investigating What Caused Church Collapse ,That killed at least 160 Worshippers

Authorities were trying to determine the cause of a church collapse on Saturday in southeast Nigeria that killed scores of worshippers as they attended the ordination ceremony of a bishop…. Read more »

[VIDEO] These Newlyweds Wowed Their Wedding Guests With Their First Dance

Katy and Jeff got married on the 8th of October and their wedding was literally lit! The couple came prepared and they slayed each of their dance moves – When… Read more »