Africa’s Most Promising Entrepreneurs: Forbes Africa’s 30 Under 30

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Nigerian couple sentenced to federal prison for sneaking a Nigerian woman into the U.S. to become their “slave”

Parents ‘snuck a homeless Nigerian woman into the US by pretending she was their children’s grandmother then employed her as a nanny at less than minimum wage’ John Ibechem of… Read more »

Johns Hopkins Welcomes Its First Black Female Neurosurgeon Resident Ghanian Born Nancy Abu-Bonsrah

Nancy Abu-Bonsrah is making history by being placed at Johns Hopkins Hospital’s neurology department. Johns Hopkins University is making history with the residency of Nancy Abu-Bonsrah, their first black female… Read more »

Ethiopian Man Who Mutilated 2-Year-Old Daughter’s Genitals in Atlanta is Deported after serving 10 years in prison

A citizen and national of Ethiopia was removed Monday by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) to his native country after serving 10 years in… Read more »

Is this Africa’s most beautiful new holiday home? Inside Arijiju, Kenya’s unique new exclusive-use villa

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Nigerian farmer kills his girlfriend and has sex with her corpse because ‘she wouldn’t sleep with me when she was alive’

Farmer claims he murdered his girlfriend because it was the only way he could have sex with her.Sunday Ushie, 35, reportedly slayed the mother-of-two with a knife before having sex… Read more »

ON THE EDGE : Somalia’s new president inherits a country on the brink of disaster and famine

In the weeks after a historic transfer of power, there is hope in the streets of Somalia’s capital Mogadishu as the new president, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, begins his term. Civil… Read more »

17yr-old Cameroonian teen google coding champion whose hometown is cut off from the internet

The first African winner in Google’s annual coding competition is 370km (230 miles) from home, sitting outside his cousins’ house in the Cameroonian capital, Yaounde, because the government has cut… Read more »

Kenya to appeal court block on closure of world’s largest refugee camp

The Kenyan government says it will appeal a court ruling Thursday thwarting its plan to close the Dadaab refugee camp, the largest in the world. In a statement posted on… Read more »

California legislator calls for Melania Trump immigration records

A California state senator is calling on the White House to release documents related to Melania Trump’s immigration, as part of a broader objection to President Donald Trump’s immigration policies…. Read more »

Uganda seeks Sh237b loan from China to fund rail

Uganda is negotiating a $2.3 billion (KSh237 billion) loan with China’s Exim Bank to fund an initial 273 km stretch of rail line the east African country is planning to… Read more »

[VIDEO] Senegalese troops enter Gambia to force longtime leader to step down, reports say

Senegalese troops entered Gambia on Thursday in a bid to force the West African country’s longtime leader to step down after an election loss, news services reported, and the successor… Read more »

Why is China buying up the global supply of donkeys?

Gelatin produced from donkey hide is a key ingredient of one of China’s favorite traditional remedies, known as ejiao, which is used to treat a range of ailments from colds… Read more »

Outrage over 16yr old Somali girl gang-rape video

The gang rape of a 16-year-old girl has caused outrage in Somalia after pictures and a video of the incident began circulating on social media. Campaigners have set up a… Read more »

Ghana’s president plagiarized Clinton and George W. Bush word for word in his inauguration speech

Ghana has long been one of Africa’s bright spots, politically speaking. It is stable, if not prosperous, and has seen peaceful transitions of power since it became a democracy in… Read more »