Bungoma Senator Moses Wetang’ula wife sues for child maintenance

moses wetangula

Bungoma Senator Moses Wetang’ula

A NAIROBI court has directed Bungoma Senator Moses Wetang’ula to provide adequate financial aid to an estranged woman pending the determination of a case she has filed.

Appearing before principal magistrate C A Ocharo, the woman asked the court to certify the case urgent. She said her one-year-old child was undergoing extreme hardship after they were abandoned by Wetang’ula.

The woman said she met the senator in 2003 and started cohabiting.

They formalised their union in 2011 under the Bukusu customary law and she gave birth to the child in September 2011. She said she is expecting Wetang’ula’s second child.

The woman said the senator abandoned the family in May.He refused to provide for them adequately, forcing her to single-handedly cater for the child.

She wants the court to compel Wetang’ula to provide for her and the child “adequately, since he is earning a good pay as a lawmaker and lawyer”.

“The child should be provided with adequate and consistent maintenance by both parents and the defendant should be compelled to meet his share,” reads the application. The woman wants to be given custody of the child in case of a separation.

She is seeking a monthly maintenance fee of Sh270,000, an additional Sh120,000 every year to cater for the child’s clothing and Sh75,000 per term for school expenses.

The woman said Wetang’ula made her resign from her job to become a housewife. She has been receiving financial assistance from her mother since she was abandoned but it is not sufficient.

In reply, Wetang’ula admits marrying the woman under the Bukusu customary law in 2011. The magistrate directed the parties to appear in court for inter-partes hearing today.

– The Star



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