Bungoma leaders fault Khalwale for ‘insulting’ Uhuru

A section of religious and political leaders from Bungoma County have faulted Senator Bonny Khalwale for publicly attacking President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Bungoma Diocese Anglican Bishop George Mechumo said he admires Khalwale’s boldness, charisma and eloquence as an opposition leader, but noted that his political stand and point of view on national issues risk being detrimental to the development of Western Kenya region.

“I am concerned about  the negative  effects of  Senator Khalwale’s fame-seeking exploits on the national podium, which reminds us of former Butere MP the late Martin Shikuku whose constituency lagged behind for years,” said Mechumo.



Bishop Mechumo said he fears the region may be isolated in development by the national government, just like Butere in the Moi regime, if Dr Khalwale’s antics are not checked.

“As a church leader who was presiding over the thanksgiving ceremony, I expected Dr Khalwale to use the opportunity to bond with local leaders. You cannot dance yourself lame at your host’s party in a bid to steal the show,” said the bishop.

Father Peter Wanyonyi of the Christ the King Catholic Cathedral said leaders are anointed by God and must be accorded due respect however young they may be.

“It was wrong for Khalwale to attack the President that way. His unwarranted attacks could have angered the President and deny the residents goodies from the national government,” he said.

Bungoma County MP Reginalda Wanyonyi told Khalwale to keep off the region’s affairs and serve those who elected him in Kakamega instead. Dr Wanyonyi said Khalwale’s political forays into Bungoma were detrimental to development.

Bumula MP Boniface Otsula also lambasted the Kakamega senator who he noted is obsessed more with opposition politics at the expense of development.

-The Standard



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