#broOcholla: Kenyans on Twitter take goofy Bro Ocholla to ‘cloud 9’

bro-ochollaIt’s a WhatsApp conversation that started with a message of goodwill to Fred and Marion, who were celebrating their anniversary before the conversation went south.

Two members in the group Embakasi Prayer Cell congratulate the couple before, the now famous Bro Ocholla accidentally sent a message, contrary to the topic of the day on the group.

“You seem to love my voice. This voice will whisper asking how you are feeling when you will be having your orgasm at cloud nine,” reads Bro Ocholla’s message.

In shock, a member of the group writes “ops!” and then went ahead to write “Bro Ocholla?” as if asking, really?

A remorseful Bro Ocholla was quick to apologise in three consecutive messages

Wrong message

One of the WhatsApp group members immediately took a screenshot and shared it. By Tuesday morning, the screenshot had gone viral.

Kenyans on Twitter and leading corporates picked up the conversations which soon become a trending topic.

The reactions range from mockery, judgments and approvals.

Here are some of the reactions as posted on Twitter;

Kenya Airways chose the trend to advertise its holidays package, with a cheeky offer to Ocholla.

Safaricom, which has been running a data promotion using various fictitious characters, saw an opportunity; one of the group members is named Betty, and Safaricom’s campaign has a character called Blessed Betty.

Their rivals, Orange, are running an SMS campaign. Orange Posted

Condom marketers Durex and Trust were not left out either.

Screen-Shot-2015-10-27-at-5.05.47-PMOthers include Aloice Makilya @Almakilya: Bro Ocholla should grab this opportunity and launch his own ministry… Cloud Nine Ministry.

Soul for Sale @timothysaid: Bro Ocholla, all he wanted was a higher position in the group. I think he was thinking of Missionary.

TheGoldenVoice™ @ThisisCHITO_ tore in with: Let he who is without sin be the first to cast the stone on Bro Ocholla…

Ciru Muriuki @CiruMuriuki : I’m just here for all the girls laughing at Bro Ocholla in public and trying his number in private

Brian Mbunde ™ @Brianmbunde: But i think the person who took the sreenshot is the biggest sinner as compared to Bro Ocholla

Shiko @ShikoNguru : Bro Ocholla should have followed up that message by quickly saying: “Brothers and Sisters in Christ, beware of the many forms of the devil!”

Faplo Escobar @Wafunya: Those Embakasi Prayercell members shouldn’t judge Bro Ocholla if they know they are not virgins yet they are yet to get married.

East African Nerd @sarahlavish: So Mollis was all action and left the wording to Bro Ocholla

Private Developer ®™ @Crazy254n : If you are in a relationship and your dude a Luo and Pilot by profession.My sister you are dating Bro Ocholla. Soon you are heading cloud 9

@Anton_mwendwa: Stop bashing bro ocholla. Afadhali yeye alicome many of you do it with pastors gals in the dark?

@RoyEkamais : Meanwhile in Embakasi prayercell group “Bro Ocholla left”

@TeamMafisii also issued a ‘public statement’ on the same, “We also bestow upon him the Elder of Best Mafisi (EBF) For his exemplary work.”

@iAMneshynsky: Bro ocholla is a staunch member of mafisi sacco and his sentiments are well timed.mafisi sacco press release.



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