Battered Kangemi woman cries for justice

Photos of Priscah Oketch were posted on Facebook by her brother.

Photos of Priscah Oketch were posted on Facebook by her brother.

Police are hunting down a city regional manager who brutally attacked his wife.

It is alleged that Raymond Osimbo attacked his wife, Priscah Oketch, on the night of March 3 after the two disagreed over a cup of tea.

Osimbo, who works for a telecommunication company married Oketch in 2006 and one year later, she claims the marriage turned violent. Speaking to The Nairobian at her Kangemi home, Oketch, who is nursing serious injuries on her head, face and limbs said, “It began with simple slap before it graduated to serious assault.”

In 2007, Oketch claims they lost their first daughter while her husband was in the UK on ‘assignment’.


Accused Raymond Osimbo (pic from fb page)

This was the beginning of her pain and anguish. Consequently, they separated, but Osimbo begged for a second chance.

“I thought he had changed, but whenever I asked him if he was cheating on me, he beat me up,” adding, “due to relationship pressure, I delivered our second born prematurely when I found out he was cheating on me with his workmates. At one time while travelling from Kisumu, he threw me out of the car at Mai Mahiu with the kids, luckily some guards dropped me at a nearby police station.”

This led to the two parting ways in 2013. Oketch says Osimbo brought in another woman whom he allegedly lived with for less than six months before she also left.

In 2014, he (Osimbo) visited Oketch’s parents in Kisumu with more dowry and managed to convince them that he was now a changed man.

But on the fateful night, Oketch claims her husband arrived home and she served fish for dinner, which he allegedly said was rotten and demanded for eggs.

“At around 9pm, he asked for tea, and I served him cocoa, which he rejected and left for the bedroom,” she said.

Oketch followed him to the bedroom asking why he had rejected the tea, but she was allegedly answered with blows and kicks.

“My screams attracted neighbours who tried to intervene. Meanwhile, he packed his belongings and left. He is a very dangerous man. He has so far threatened that he will do worse. I am scared for my life and I want justice. For now, I am moving to court so seek restraining orders,” she said.

The matter has since been reported at Kabete Police Station and booked under OB22/05/03/15. Efforts to reach Osimbo were futile.

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