Autistic Kenyan boy in US seeks online votes to win a therapeutic bike

The autistic Kenyan boy in US seeking online votes to win a therapeutic bike.

The autistic Kenyan boy in US seeking online votes to win a therapeutic bike.

Cameron K is an 8-year-old Kenyan boy living in the United States suffering from severe autism, sensory processing disorder and a rare genetic imbalance known as PTLS.

He has low muscle tone, balance and coordination challenges, delays in speech and overall developmental issues.

Consequently, the boy cannot ride a traditional bike like other children. His family would like to provide him with an adaptive bike as a way of giving him a sense of freedom and an opportunity to interact with other children.

The bike is also considered a special tool to help exercise his muscles.

However, the cost of an adaptive bike, an Amtryke Ambucs model, is prohibitive and his family cannot afford it.

“We wish to appeal to the online community to nominate our son so he can give a shot at winning this all import item,” said his father.

Amtryke is a US based charity which offers therapeutic tricycles and bicycles to people with disabilities. Due to high demand, prospective recipients must be nominated and voted for through online platforms.

“By voting for an individual, you are helping individuals with special needs receive not only a bike, but also the gift of freedom, pride and self-confidence,” says a posting on its website.

At the family’s request, the full names of the families involved are disguised as a way of safeguarding their privacy.

To nominate Cameron for the bike, click here.



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