Arrested Loreto Girls’ students now released


Students preparing to go home after Loreto Girls’ High School was closed Thursday November 8, 2013 following riots. Seven girls who had been arrested were released Thursday after the school administration and the parents agreed to deal with the case internally.

Limuru police Friday said that they had released students arrested following night riots at Loreto High School, Limuru.

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The release followed an agreement between the school and the parents that the school’s board of governors (BOG) would discipline the students accordingly.

Area police boss Michael Mbaluku said that by the end of Thursday they had arrested seven girls.

He said they were released after the school administration and the parents agreed to deal with the cases of indiscipline through the BOG.

The girls never spent the night in police custody but went home with their parents, he added.

“The parents cried, and were remorseful over the actions of their girls,” said OCPD Mbaluku.

“The parents also agreed with the school administration to discuss on how the students would be disciplined and also pay for damaged property,” added Mbaluku.

It was feared that arraigning the girls in court would affect their future once their deatils were captured in official government criminal records.

The arrests came following night riots on Wednesday by the students.

The students complained of an increase in school fees, mistreatment of their parents during visiting days and a poor diet among other issues.

The riots led to an early closure of the school, 13 days before the official closing date of November 20, 2013.

Parents of Form 1-3 students were asked to pick their daughters together with their luggage.

Form 4 candidates continued with their national examination amidst high tension.



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