Aqua Blu Club & Lounge Bar: The newest club to open in Nairobi [PHOTOS]

Aqua Lounche

Aqua Blu Club & Lounge Bar

AQUA BLU, the newest club to open it’s doors to the beautiful people of Nairobi. And what a place it is! Immaculate décor and the superior quality sound system make it a must-see on the Nairobi circuit

High quality service in a charming atmosphere. A meeting place for friends, couples and groups

This is a very exciting time for the party people of Nairobi as they now have a new play ground to let loose and strut their stuff. If you like to unwind at the end of the week with nothing but the finest in House Music cuts for your audible pleasure, then this is the night for you.

Special features: Offers special events like concerts, weddings, company parties,
disco and live shows, sports TV, live music, quiz nights, dancing, DJs, ladies nights,



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