Alcoholism in the Diaspora – A candid confession [VIDEO]

 Alcohol and drug abuse have become so prevalent in our society today that very few families can claim not to have a member or two or maybe a family friend that is completely taken over. What’s true too is that while society has accepted drinking as a social past time, the same society tends to shun those who tip the scales into alcoholism. As such, very few people who may be in the midst of this storm are brave enough to admit to themselves of having this addiction let alone confess to their families and friends if at all to be guided to remedial resources. And that’s true too within the Kenyan community in the Diaspora.

In this episode of SAVED N FLY, Penzi Amani speaks to Harrison Thuku, a young man who’s idea of the American Dream was shattered by his love for alcohol. Harry, in his own words confesses to starting off as a social drinker before the frequency and extent proved to be beyond his control.

Before too long, the young man that had seen himself through nursing school, married the woman of his dreams and acquired a ring of friends was soon to be a drunk that would stop at nothing to get his fix even if that meant sniffing any alcohol containing products including hand sanitizers. And with that came unenviable results.

Harry’s self-destruction was to such an extent that he was hospitalized on multiple occasions, was put on medically induced comas for over four months, lost his marriage and his sober friends and before too long was a resident of the streets of Atlanta before a good samaritan Kenyan rescued him from his homelessness and took him in with his young family in Seattle Washington.

Well like they say, alcohol addiction is a disease that has to be addressed from the root cause and not by treating the symptoms alone. Soon, the old ways kicked in again and the poor host family had to let him go after going through harrowing experiences following his drinking sprees. And so again, Harrison became homeless this time in Seattle Washington.

Watch on as Harrison Thuku narrates on his experiences in the dark days and his journey on the road to recovery. Also visit WWW.KENYA360.TV for more engaging conversations such as Domestic Violence in the Diaspora, State of Kenyan Marriages in the US, the State of the Kenyan Church in the US amongst others diaspora related human interest stories.




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