Against All Odds: 15-year-old Kenyan teens inspiring Stories to study in USA [VIDEO]

NATASHAGoing through the trials and tribulations of life and still hold up your head and believe that something good will still come out of your situation, does not come easy for everyone.

Geoffrey Atulo’s Story

For 15-year-old Natasha Wambui Wanjiru, going without food, being chased out of school due to lack of fees, and even lacking a home, did not dampen her spirit.
The 2015 KCPE examination candidate who scored 364 points, to emerge the best in her school, Natasha is now a high school student in the United States after securing a scholarship to study at Episcopal High School.

In the first of a four-part series, Joy Kiruki tells us the inspiring stories of four students who defied the odds and secured  scholarships too study in the USA.

Geoffrey Atulo’s Story

Geoffrey Emali Atulo was denied by his father, mistreated by his step father and later abandoned by his own mother. it took the intervention of an uncle for him to get his chance at education.
In the second edition of our four part series, ‘Against All Odds’, Joy Kiruki tells us the story of the 15 year old former student of Bridge International Academy in Karagita who won a scholarship to join the prestigious St. Andrew’s school in the United States of America.

Grace Kerubo Nyanchoka’s story

Grace Kerubo Nyanchoka’s parents believe in positive affirmation and encouraging their children to excel. it’s these values they believe enabled their 14 year-old daughter to dream big and overcome societal barriers, affording her an opportunity to study in the USA. In the third edition of our four part series, ‘Against the Odds’, Joy Kiruki tells us how the 2015 KCPE candidate at Bridge International Academy in Mwembe, Kisii county secured a study scholarship after emerging the top student .

Against All Odds: How 14yr old girl overcame her Father’s alcoholism to excel

She saved her family from near collapse after her father became alcoholic and abusive, a behaviour that nearly tore the family apart and affected her education.
But 14 year old Josephine Nyakundi surmounted the challenges and managed to secure a scholarship to study in the United States.
In the last of our four part series- Against all Odds, Joy Kiruki tells us the amazing story of Josephine who first interacted with the english language in standard five.




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