Ababu Namwamba’s third force on brink of collapse as MPs abandon course

Budalang’I MP Ababu Namwamba

Budalang’I MP Ababu Namwamba

Ababu Namwamba’s much-hyped third political force suffered a setback when two MPs abandoned him for other political outfits.

Source close to the Budalang’i MP said his political activities slowed down following moves by Sirisia MP John Waluke and his Funyula counter part Paul Otuoma.

It had been said the three of them were behind the ‘mulembe consciousness’ movement aimed at uniting Western residents and securing their place in politics.

Waluke said he had officially crossed over to the ruling coalition ahead of Jubilee Party’s launch, for his people’s benefit.

The MP, who was ODM’s only legislator in Bungoma, had resigned from his position as the party’s chairman for the county.

“My constituency has been marginalised by former regimes and my people are still living in abject poverty,” he said on Tuesday.

“I am officially joining and will next year vie on a Jubille Party ticket which is a very democratic party so that my people can benefit.”

He spoke at Kibeu Primary School during the disbursement of Sh57 million National Government Constituency Development Fund.

The MP is among several Cord politicians who will attend Jubilee Party’s official launch at Safaricom Stadium Kasarani, Nairobi, on Saturday.

Waluke criticised ODM leader Raila Odinga saying his tour of Western region was inconsequential and would not help him secure votes.

“Odinga should concentrate on areas like Rift Valley and Central where he has less votes. Why should he be roaming in Kakamega and Busia counties alone? Those areas have been taken by Jubilee… let him forget them,” he said.

Regarding development, the MP cited the opening of the Sh600 million Chesikaki-Sirisia water project and the tarmacking of Chwele-Sirisia-Lwakhakha road.

He said Sirisia residents had not benefited from road construction projects since independence.

Otuoma resigned from his ODM position alongside Ababu but said earlier in the week that he had never been part of the former secretary general’s team.

He said he was still a member of the party and would make efforts for Luhyas’ needs to be addressed in a structured manner.

Otuoma called for unity among the Luhya and said he would ensure the community has a place in politics.

“The Luhya must not be blinded from obvious truths,” he said, adding the people must be visionary.

“You cannot leave your home and have no plan. There must be a plan. There must be a structure.”

Ababu and Otuoma, who was ODM vice chairman, resigned saying they had been shortchanged and disrespected by the party.

Speculation has been rife on the MP’s plans amid claims he was a Jubilee mole. Ababu denied the allegations and said he would not mind working with Raila again.

But sources close to him, who did not want to be named, claimed he intends to launch Labour Party of Kenya on September 22.

The MP could not be reached for comment and did not respond to messages.






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