A woman has sued former Cabinet Minister Fred Gumo for maintenance.

 The middle aged woman who claims to have had an illicit affair with Gumo for the last five years said he abandoned her when she told him that she was expecting his baby.


former Cabinet Minister Fred Gumo

She says she gave birth to Gumo’s son last December and now wants the court to compel him to be paying Sh150,000 as monthly upkeep.

In her suit papers, the estranged Nairobi woman is claiming that she met Gumo in 2008 but he ended their illicit affair after disclosing the news of her pregnancy.

Gumo is yet to file a response to the case to deny or confirm the allegations levelled against him.

The politician and the woman had indicated they were likely to record consent and settle the matter out of court but were unable to agree on the amount payable as maintenance.

On August 1, parties agreed that the matter should proceed to full hearing from September 25 since the applicant is staying with her sister.

In her suit papers, the woman alleges that on December 28 when she gave birth, Gumo called her and proposed the child’s name.

He also settled hospital bills at Kenyatta National Hospital but has failed to assume any parental responsibility or give any contribution towards the minors’ upkeep or welfare despite several requests.

The former public relations officer said she is jobless and has been subjected to mental torture and anguish due to the cruelty of Gumo.

“I have been subjected to mental torture and anguish due to the cruelty of the defendant and is unable to fully cater for the welfare of the subject.”

The woman argues that she spends Sh72,000 monthly to cater for the basic needs without any assistance from him and contends the amount will increase when the minor starts going to school.

In her suit, she wants the children’s court to compel the former minister to pay her the amount arguing that he is sufficiently able to provide for the child’s upkeep.

The lady has also asked the court to give her legal custody of the minor.




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