A Letter from Somali Suffering People

Letter from Somali Suffering People

What Might Happen to Somali Suffering When Terrorists Use Their Name?

Written By Abdirahman Mohamed Dirye

I am sorry for the victims of Westgate Mall, my wishes and prayers are with them. However; terrorists’ goals committing these unwarranted brutalities are understandable: it is nothing less than to compel fellow Kenyans to murder Somalis living in “little Mogadishu” in Nairobi and to force the rest to flee to caves and hideouts in Somalia  to replenish dwindling support of Al-Shabab both locally and globally since the ouster from Mogadishu in August 2011, the group desperately wants to say to us “we are very few but still here well and remain invincible against the all the  allied Jews and Crusaders’ mighty force because God is with us!”.

Do you think Al-Shabab murdering innocents really meant atrocities will advance Islam?  The new scare strategy to get reinforcements from Somalis in overseas has been cleverly read by average Kenyan in the street. So far no single Somali were touched never mind harmed. And that is as good as it could be. Despite Kenyan First Family being lost some members—I am terrible sorry for the loss of Uhuru’s beloved and anyone else— and no Kenya or else  took the law into their own hands so far, stands for deeply held values inscribed in the hearts of Kenyan nation, it is one of tolerance and the good conscience of the Kenyan public.  Barbaric people need policing all the time within themselves and from others. Kenyans are grown enough to exercise restrain despite the wrongdoings committed in Somalia’s behalf.

The said sparing of people who recognize the creed of Islam faith meant to divide Kenyans into religious lines: Muslims Vs. Christians but not out of love for Muslims, in contrast, little history, Hargaysa Suicide bombing cost the lives of 30 innocent Muslims and Mogadishu medical graduates were Muslims as well. We should they pay lip service to Islam. Accusing us of leaving them in the middle of Crusade War, they hate us more anyone else. Al-Shabab is the enemy against all faiths excluding their cult followers

If Muslims die in an explosion orchestrated by terror or cross-fire—though they often shoot Somalis randomly— they wrongly cite Hadith “… people will be resurrected with their intentions…,”to justify and to legitimatize the murder of fellow Muslims.  The silence of Somali Islamic scholars is deafening, utterly against the holy text of our religion. Islam like any other Scriptures condemns murder of single guiltless Man regardless of faith to an extent equating with his death of massacring of all Human Being.  That is how orthodox Islam, not Al-Qaeda type Islam or Al-Shabab’s , values human being.

Kenyans seem to understand their ulterior motive of the attack, namely, Al-Shabab apparently wants all Somalis are in the diaspora feel besieged in order to run back to Somalia where open recruitment of new militants in hospitals and Mosques is ongoing.   South African (SA) government which Somalis allege of condoning massacre of their fellow Somalis in SA is giving them helping hand to Al-Shabab militancy, many people might misconstrue criminal gangs’ motive to kill Somalis by “ Islamphobia” , not xenophobia  .I think , however, that still unsubstantiated so far.

Al-Shabab calling Kenyan forces pullout is just for media consumption, they know Kenyan government won’t do that but the former wants to pressurize the government as well as the people. But will Kenyans take revenge against their fellow Somalis who sought refuge in Kenya from the same mass murderers? It is clear Al-Shabab initially the work of our former president Shiekh Shari and comrade-in-terror Colonel-turned-Shiekh Col. Dahir Aways in the custody of Somalia’s incumbent president  but now who is in control of the cult: Somalis or foreigner Jihadists? Probably more than two third of brutal hostage takers in Westgate Mall are non-Somalis according to the initial reports from the crisis but you don’t hear their countries instead you always hear Somalia for the involvement of two “ bad apples”  in the crime.

However, it is true the harvest of such attacks lead only to vilification of Somalis not just in Kenya alone but also in worldwide. Media should not exploit the vulnerability of the Somalis worldwide. Somalis in Nairobi are successful business community yet quit worried for not being safe for being stateless and hapless. To where the current media coverage will lead if constantly refer to Somalis when the Westgate Mall tragedy is mentioned: it leads to criminalization of tiny minority already living at the mercy of the Kenyan public.

Somalis from four corners of the world stand by Kenya which came under brutal terror attack and feel deeply offended when Al-Shabab claimed responsibility of the attack on innocent shoppers of all faiths who mostly unaware of Kenyan presence in Somalia. In fact, those died in the attack are from Somalia.  Besides, Islam has nothing to do with killings of innocent masses. Above all, releasing Muslim faithful or anyone with Muslim background who recognize Islam creed from the mall was filthy tactic designed to create unnecessary hostility not just between Somalis and Swahili speaking communities but between Muslim and Christian Kenyans as well. But God is always failing their sinister attentions. Hopefully, the possible scenario of where majority Christians could slice the throats of their fellow Kenyan Muslims faithful as well as Somalis in cold blood won’t happen. But people had seen that movie before.

Dirye is Somaliland Activist Based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Email :


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Abdirahman Mohamed Dirye is Somaliland Activist Based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Email :
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