80yr-old Granny chases away husband after pocketing his Mau Mau windfall in Nyeri

80 year old kicks 82-year-old husband out of matrimonial home in Nyeri

Thaderinah Wanjiru and her husband Lawrence Kairianja

Thaderinah Wanjiru and her husband Lawrence Kairianja

It is unusual for a woman to kick out her husband from home, but in a village at Mukurwe-ini, Nyeri County, this was witnessed.

An elderly woman aged 80, Mrs Thaderinah Wanjiru, kicked out her husband Lawrence Kairianja after the two received compensation paid out last year by the British government to Mau Mau veterans.

The two, who have seven children together, received a total of Sh400,000, although it is alleged that Mrs Wanjiru is the one who deposited the whole amount in her bank account.


Soon afterwards, the two began incessant quarrels and fighting. The man claims his wife denied him food and forced him to sleep outside.

According to one of their children Mr Bernard Mwangi, their mother has been colluding with four of her children to attack Mr Kairianja time and again, ordering him to pack his belongings and leave the home.






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