[VIDEO] 80 Year Old Grandma Raped In Nyeri

Shock and anger gripped residents of Gandu village in Mathira Nyeri county  after they discovered  that unknown people have been occasionally entering into the house of an 80 year old woman and raping her several times before leaving.

80 year old granny

The villagers watched in disbelief as the woman who could not move was carried out of her house by well wishers who took her to the hospital.

According to a neighbour the rapists’ have been accessing her house through a hole they made in the rear side of her mud house.

The villagers later held a meeting with the area chief where they paraded all young men from the village so that she can identify but after carefully looking at them, she said the suspect was not there.

A social worker from the area Jane Kariuki said that when she was called, she found the woman wet and after checking her, she found out that she had been raped.

Kariuki says that this was not the first time it has happened and now want the security personnel to arrest the rapists’ who are still at large despite the outcry.

The house of the old woman is just a few meters from the Kiamachimbi police station.

The old woman also suffers from diabetes and lives by herself after her husband died years back





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