30 arrested in raid on Kiambu strip club


Strippers disembark from a police lorry at Ruiru Police Station on Thursday Morning. At least 10 strippers and over 20 patrons and attendants were apprehended during a raid along Juja – Kiambu By-Pass.

A strip club owned by a senior Kiambu county official has been closed down following complaints by residents.

Royale Pub was raided on Thursday morning and 10 strippers arrested alongside 20 patrons and attendants.

The licence of the pub, which was operating after hours, has been cancelled.

The 30, however, were charged with being drunk and disorderly despite being booked for various offences.

They were ordered to serve one day of community service.

They say the strippers are young and the pub is corrupting the morals of the youth and adults who frequent it.

Residents of Ruiru had made verbal and written complaints to police, the county commissioner and the county government over the pub, which is located on the Ruiru–Kiambu by–pass.

Dominic Kanyi, administration and public service chief officer, urged the Director of Public Prosecutions to intervene.

He said police may have been compromised to reduce the charges.

Ruiru police boss Isaac Thuranira could not be reached for comment on why those arrested at the pub faced a blanket charge


-The Star



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