3 Kenyans Charged with Criminal Mistreatment after 95yr old Client’s Death in Puyallup Washington State

3 charged after woman, 95, spends hours on floor with broken leg and later dies, records show

Patrick Cubi Mbiri, 58; and Santana Wangui Cubi, 21

A Puyallup family was charged with criminal mistreatment Friday after a 95-year-old woman was injured in a fall at their care home.

Three members of a Puyallup family were charged Friday with criminal mistreatment after a 95-year-old woman was injured in a fall at their adult family care home in November. Prosecutors said she died at the hospital 11 days later.

Court documents filed Friday identified the woman who died as Betty Torrey.

Puyallup Police said footage of the incident showed the caregivers responding to Torrey’s cry for help, then leaving her on the floor for several hours. Prosecutors said no one called 911 until later in the morning.

Charging documents filed in Pierce County Friday identified the three caregivers as Patrick Cubi Mbiri, his wife Lilian Wambui Cubi, and their daughter Santana Wangui Cubi. The father and daughter were arrested by Puyallup Police Thursday. Authorities said they would seek an arrest warrant for the mother,

Prosecutors said Torrey’s family had been suspicious about previous falls, and placed a “nanny cam” in her room before the November incident.

Detectives said footage reviewed from the morning of Nov. 13, 2019, showed Torry calling for help getting out of bed around 4 a.m. According to court documents, Lilian Cubi was seen entering the room and scolding her to go back to bed. Prosecutors said Torrey again asked for help, but Lilian left the room with another woman, who they believe was Santana Cubi.

A few minutes later, prosecutors say, Torrey called out for help then falls out of bed. According to probable cause documents, Patrick Mbiri entered the room and slapped Torrey’s hand as she was grabbing at the curtains, trying to get up. Prosecutors said Mbiri did not attempt to help, despite repeated requests for a doctor.

Pierce County firefighters were called to the home at 7 a.m.

Prosecutors said the three caregivers did not mention the earlier fall to the medics, saying instead that she had a light “assisted fall” a few minutes earlier, and asked for help getting her back into bed. Court documents said Torrey did not mention concerns her leg was broken, possibly due to dementia.

Later in the morning, Torrey’s granddaughter visited, to take her to a cardiology appointment. Prosecutors said the caregivers told the granddaughter the same account of an assisted fall at 7 a.m.

At the cardiology appointment, doctors noticed her leg was swollen and unable to bear weight. After she was admitted to Good Samaritan Hospital, doctors determined Torrey had a complex fracture to the femur. Prosecutors said she died 11 days later, due to complications from the injury.

According to court documents, Torrey’s granddaughter learned of the earlier fall from a roommate at the care home, who recalled hearing the incident. She reviewed the nanny cam footage and called police.

All three caregivers face second-degree criminal mistreatment charges. Mbiri faces an additional charge of fourth-degree assault.

Puyallup Police said the Department of Social and Health Services suspended the license for the group home, named Able Care, and relocated the remaining residents.



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